Record Reviews

Sync 24 and Morphology - Low Pass Gateway

Cultivated Electronics returns with "Low Pass Gateway", a collaboration effort between label mastermind Sync 24, and iconic duo Morphology. 4 tenacious cuts of Electro ingenuity delivered with precision.

Kretz - Gemeinsamheitsinformationen Remixed Edition

Barely two months after the release of "Gemeinschaftsinformationen", Kretz presents the remixes album of his original digital title. Not that the remixes have been placed on the market hastily as an afterthought, on the contrary, a large part of the reworked numbers had already been waiting for a while in the bin.

T/Error - U 235

Following his still highly recommended "D7" L.P. published early this year on Bass Agenda Recordings, T/Error invests in the Atlanta based label Body Control with another inevitable opus of his trademark. Expect here nothing but tense Electro tones with delays, reverbs and lots of B movie references serving the cause of a dystopian future!


Bass Agenda Presents #11: ITPDWIP - 7000 EP

The London Electro imprint returns with the eleventh edition of its "Bass Agenda Presents" series. On command, versatile Heinz Kammler, the owner of the brand new Remote Influence label, whose first release was reviewed here on in April.


Tainted Cell - Irreversible

With "The Machine Stops", "CyberFucker" and "Gamma", Tainted Cell proved already that this Andalusian duo has lots of talent to produce pure and solid Electro. The 8 Digi track Album "Irreversible" confirms and draws the line by that Tainted Cell becomes Irreversible in itself.


V/A - Elektrodos: The Compilation Vol.1

Good things come to those who wait! Following the resounding success of Bass Agenda and DVS NME, infamous Spanish radio show Elektrodos, run by Lara Ramos, proudly presents it’s long awaited debut release.


V/A - Slice of Pie Vol.1

As you might know now, being an Electro blog, we rarely review Techno outputs. But we'll make an exception with this release, 'cause it deserves some lines for many reasons.


dynArec - Looping Love Lane EP

Hailing from Paris, French Nocta Numerica Records inaugurates this month the first of a hopefully long series of Electro-Techno E.P.'s in vinyl as well as digital formats.


Resting Cell - Hypothalamic Replacement

The gyroscopic label Anti Gravity Device from Japan, returns after a short break with another milestone of an E.P., this time from electronic and Acid Techno producer "Resting Cell", hailing from Cleveland OH, USA, .


Bass Agenda Presents #10: Noamm & Miss Noir - Plasma Wave EP

Their dark dress code could let us think that Noamm & Miss Noir come from the Gothic scene., but their music tells us something completely different: the band hailing from Greece has been largely influenced by synthesizers music, from EBM, to New Wave passing through New Beat.


Code Rising - Give Us Some Space EP

In the prolongation of their "Nightriders E.P." published a month ago, the South Florida based duo, Matt "Ronon" Lancaster and Ryan "Kounterakt" Phillips, hits hard with another nasty Electro Bass E.P. of their trademark.



The U.K. Electro imprint founded in 2009 by Lloyd Da Zoid (Dominance Electricity) and Diplomat (Electrolab), is back with a vengeance after a break of three years!


Following the still highly recommended "Galactic Funk - Constellations L.P." back in 2011, Electro Avenue's seventh release offers another conceptual 2x12" vinyl opus based upon Time, contrary to the previous release which was dealing with Space.