V/A - Signs Of Decay 2

German label Solar One Music returns this month with chapter 2 of "Signs Of Decay", a series of limited vinyl compilations featuring some of the best current Acid and Electro producers. Succeeding to The Exaltics, Helena Hauff, Drvg Cvltvre and Ekman available on Vol.1, the brand new artists selected here, The Hacker, Legowelt, Chris Moss Acid, Impakt and Crotaphytus, have nothing to envy to their predecessors.


Impakt (Solar One Music, Hyperboloid) kicks off the A side with the not too serious "Sodomacid", an orgy of 303 merging whiplashes, sexual orgasms and nasty loops over a speed rhythm.


French The Hacker (Goodlife, Zone) takes us back to the glorious days of Acid House thanks to nostalgic "1111", a bubbling jam made of old school beats and warm TB manipulations. This beauty will bring in mind Armando, Andreas Gehm and the "Definitive" label, all in one. Ace!


Under their infamous Crotaphytus moniker (Solar One Music, Further Records) Robert "The Exaltics" Witschakowski and Nico "SLF" Jagiella coming next deliver with nasty "Titanus Saurus Rex" another milestone of an eerie cut where organic noises, reptilian sounds, and a rollin' acid line combine to lead the listener deeper into the entrails of the Earth. Dark and horrific at the same.


On the reverse, versatile legend Legowelt (BAAK, Crème Organization) delivers on the beautiful "Droomtoestand", an instant classic made of untouchable vintage melodies, smart acidic touches and a groove of his unique trademark. Inspired and inspiring!


Last slaughter is due to U.K. Chris Moss Acid (Rave Or Die, Acid Waxa) who signs his debut on Solar One. Energizing "Cenobite" offers five minutes of pure electrotechnoacid madness based upon distorted 303 tonalities over feverish snares and punishing percussion.


The whole EP Artwork comes again illustrated by talented Godspill! No need to tell you this is a must have for any acid lover who likes his or her music dirty and with maximum effects on the dancefloor.






Reviewed by: Chris Nexus 6

January 2017