Sigma Algebra - Funaphy

Released more than one month ago but still very fresh, the second EP from digital label Elektrodos Recordings; the extension of the infamous online Electro radio show and podcast, introduces four tracks from Eduardo Jiménez, better known as Sigma Algebra (Urban Connections, Amper Clap Prod, Section 27).


As a veteran DJ with many years of mixes behind him, the Spanish producer knows exactly how to move a crowd. With "Funaphy", the very cartesian and pragmatic artist serves up some great Electro cuts tinted with Techno and IDM influences.


The title track opens with a scientist mixture of groovy sororities and syncopated beats, while drama synth melodies appear by the middle of the cut. Perfect for home listening pleasures, this false relaxing song leads us to successful "Lamed (Remixed)", my favorite on the digipack. Over a noir atmosphere and a skeletal rhythm, strings and bass intertwine to build up an organic nightmare able to haunt you even if you don't sleep. The beauty of the beast is laying in front of you, fascinating, catchy and frightening at the same time!


Tense yet deep "Mem" instantly following keeps the pressure alive thanks to a powerful bassline enhanced by gloomy Industrial strings. Ephemeral percussions fight against soaring keys, delivering a solitary and intricate journey into space where no one can hear you scream.


Last but not the least, "Tet" signs an offensive track made of percussive drums and unhealthy layers depicting a falling world; rough, hopeless, and soon to implode. Overall this brilliant EP looks like a black and white drawing of our current society.


With "Funaphy", Elektrodos Recordings fills up with success its mission to become a platform for new Electro releases and promote new as well as distinguished Electro music producers. Highly recommended!





Reviewed by: Chris Nexus 6

April 2017