/DL/MS/ - Rogue Intent

Here comes the debut of a hopefully long series of EP's on TRUST from Dan Lodig aka Lok44, and Martin Sovinz; better known as Dibek. Combining their versatile talents under their fresh yet enigmatic /DL/MS/ project, the two Austrians offer today four epic cuts half way between abstract Electro and much anticipating Techno. The result ventures into the darkest streets of a futuristic nocturne city in a dystopian future.


Noir "Indisciplinado" opens the A side with a carefully crafted production serving up a mind-bending journey into the sound they initiated on Pomelo label in 2016. A slow down tempo, eerie tones, and a Sci-Fi atmosphere turn the track into a beast.


"Yep" instantly following brings a harder sound. Distorted sororities fuse into a harsh Electro beat, while intricate vocals scanding "yep" appear from here to there delivering an irresistible dancefloor tune tinted with acid loops. Awesome!


On the reverse, elegant "Reptilian Genetics" introduces some experimental voices, but the track progressively moves into an emotional beauty made of stripped out synth melodies that will immerse the listeners into their own imagination. Rich textures that sit with a false arctic ambience are the key of success of this jam.


Cinematic "Last Smoke" concludes this fantastic EP with a visionary song characterized by a remarkable work on vocals and drums. A mighty groove enhanced by a hypnotic 4/4 rhythm, and some dramatic echoes will lead you to a twilight dimension where you can't escape.


Evolutive Electro Techno with an extra-terrestrial feel, "Rogue Intent" pays tribute to the talent of two wonderful underground hit makers. One of TRUST's very best productions IMO!






Reviewed by: Chris Nexus 6

June 2017