Rabbit In The Moon - Seven Loves Electro

As someone who grew up in the Florida Electronic music scene, where Rabbit In The Moon where perhaps the most influential band around, it is very exciting news to announce a release that should make any hardcore fans of RITM jump for joy! "Seven Loves Electro" is not just a flight of fancy for the group, but rather a coming back full circle for their musical legacy, where much of it began in part, grounded in the aesthetics of what people commonly call "Electro".


Having reached global success in ways few in the undeground can achieve, Rabbit In The Moon went on to remix many famous mainstream artists such as the iconic and highly influential Sarah McLachlan, Love and Rockets, and The Stone Roses, to name a few, over the years building a legacy, that coupled with their epic performances on stage thanks to the innovative choreographic skills of the legendary "Bunny", would influence a new generation who found a great deal of profound meaning in the music of Rabbit In The Moon. Musically to many, it could be said that the people behind the group were seen in some ways almost as tribal elders, that within the movement of Rave, particularly in the Florida region, would help be a catalyst for what may have been one of the more important and pivotal moments in human consciousness shift. 


With "Seven Loves Electro" the band aims perhaps at de-mystifying their love and passion for authentic Electro Bass music, which throughout their discography was hinted upon, here illustrated with pure class and innovation and with the launching of their own very promising imprint "Thumper Music". Let's get to it!


Starting things off, "I am The Future" brings in funky Electro Breaks, glazed over with that special touch that only a true Electro Freak can put into their percussive elements; especially the snares and that sharp clap that alone makes anybody wanna dance their asses off! This tune brings in different melodic elements, none so far which I would consider anything I releated to RITM in the past, yet showing their attention to moving on with the times gracefully and evolving their sound. Strong New School Breaks flavors meet subtle Dub Step flares, as devious voices meet playful robots, adding to the mix intelligent syncopations that show in detail that Rabbit In The Moon are without question, also true masters of the Electro Bass sound! Real funky tune, one that will light dancefloors ablaze.


Next up, "In My Brain" delivers a pounding tune, reminding me a lot of AE35's work on Fdb Recordings years back, gritty, aggressive, but full of ingenuity as complex sonic arrangements defy our perception of modern Electronic Music with edge and a merciless approach to creating glitchy, funky music. An eerie melodic arpeggio introduces some feel into the song, as classic robot vocals get hit by sharp, high frequency oscillations that strike from every corner.


Last, the title tune "Seven Loves Electro", a bit similar to the previous, brings in bizarre, child-like melodic vocals vocoded just right so as to keep it a bit dark, and deranged. This song is jam-packed with arpeggios, abstract programming, and uncanny robotic Electro beats that shine with style, hard and dark for the lovers of tough music, balanced with just the right amount of melody to add charm and mystique. 


A very interesting release to say the least, and one that shows a side of Rabbit In The Moon none of us are totally acquainted with. I would love to see personally, some sort of fusion between this type of sound, and their old school "Phases of An Out of Body Experience" style. A musical vision touched upon with the timeless "Phoenix (Rivernandrain)" by God Within, on "Hardkiss"; one of the first labels to release RITM.


Seven Loves Electro shows with promise, a thriving move in our direction which I must say may be the thing that pushes our often struggling music up and over into the right audience. I would not make light of this particular situation, where one of the most legendary and influential Electronic Music groups shows that they have been following our music with great attention to detail, and are ready to join the movement of helping to revive and proliferate authentic Electro Bass music! This release is a must have, guaranteed to make your next DJ set a memorable one. Support, and stay tuned as this one will also soon be out on 12" vinyl. That's right, Rabbitheads rejoice,...Bunny and David Christophere are back!





Reviewed by: Santino Fernandez

October 2017