Retrograde Youth - We're Not Human Anymore EP

With more than 20 releases of high quality since 2013, Rotterdam based Pinkman and its Broken Dreams white sublabel, have made a solid reputation of purveyors of refined Electronic Music. Run by Marsman, the Netherlands imprint can argue of being an eclectic platform of music and a talent searcher. Indeed the catalog of artists features heavyweight producers Norwell, Drvg Cvltvre, DJ Overdose, and Alessandro Adriani along with numerous emerging producers such as LVRIN, Jann, or Identified Patient.


This summer, the Dutch label welcomes for our greater joy, the promising Retrograde Youth! Hailing from Medellin, Colombia, real name Felipe Marín offers a fantastic follow up to his must have debut EP "Earth Disorders Part 1", published last year on Delta Funktionen's Radio Matrix. Unlike its previous release, "We're Not Human Anymore EP" departs from the raw acid sororities of his early works to venture into darker electronic areas.


Versatile "Swimming Into A Big Sea Of Fake Emotions" opens the 12" with a relentless New Beat-like rhythm. A synthetic melody enhanced with possessed lyrics makes its path progressively through the track and your mind to haunt your nights in a feverish swirl. Fresh, irresistible and craftily done!


Hopeless "The Lie About Success" coming next ends the A side with a gloomy cut built around heading EBM arpeggios, striped out drums and tense notes. Ghost melodies à la Carpenter complete with a soundtrack approach turn the jam into an ace UFO!!


On the flipside, the title track, which is also one of the best cuts here, pushes back the boundaries of sound in a stunning way. The song let's you foresee the doors of evil and propels you into the depths of a dystopian galaxy. Noir as Death and hot as Hell!


Last but not the least, slow yet soulful "Inner Voices" concludes the EP with a milestone of a tune based upon cracky snares, sinister layers and an hypnotizing rhythm that will make you want to loose yourself on the dancefloor.


One of the best electronic producers on one of the top Electro labels at the moment... Expect nothing but a tense output flavored with despaired emotions, psychological experiments and abstract territories. Essential! Watch this space for more information about the label and the artist himself soon.





Reviewed by: Chris Nexus 6

August 2017