Telkhin - Poseidon Wave EP

Hailing from Argentine, Telkhin celebrates his debut vinyl EP on renowned Dutch label Shipwrec Records. 


Having made electronic music a philosophy of life, the enigmatic producer offers with "Poseidon Wave", a solid follow up to his first digital album, "Earth Being Recycled", released on Detroit Underground back in 2015.


The present 12" serves up a polished journey into the artist's dark and introspective universe, delivering a late-night, hypnotic warehouse atmosphere throughout the EP. Deep "Body Container" kicks the five tracker off with infectious analogue modulations and intricate synth flights, setting the scenery in a dystopian future.


Downtempo "Walk In" coming next enters in the heart of the matter, with Telkhin's eerie melodies spliced over dense yet sultry beats. Gloomy with a certain sense of the groove!


Radioactive "Level Above Human", my favorite, takes things deep down into sub aquatic Electro a la Drexciya with a weird voice echoing in its backdrop, a bubbling Electro bassline and some classic 808 drums leading us in an insecure zone. Ace! 


On the reverse, catchy "Brithombar" signs another Electro charmer fusing with talent bleepy tonalities to retro layers, while bass driven "Flight 19" concludes the b-side (and so the 12") with funky notes and tortured claps. This is no doubt the more dancefloor track of the EP. 


Following Dez Williams, DJ Stingray & Galaxian, Umwelt, Drvg Cvltvre or Chriss Moss Acid just to name but a few, Telkhin appears as a nice addition to the already untouchable Shipwrec roster!


Highly recommended.




Written by: Chris Nexus 6


April 2016