Paul Blackford - The Paul Blackford Anthology Vol. 1

Atlanta based Body Control Records returns with Volume 1 of a copious series of four compilations gathering the very best of Paul Blackford.


Considered as a pioneer of the Detroit Techno Bass genre mixed with UK style, Paul has carried on, since his debut on Breakin' Records in 2003, numerous releases on renowned labels including WIDE, DeadLock Records, CPU, WéMè Records or Twilight 76 Records.


Heavily inspired by the Rave sound of the early 90's, the Militant Science Records mastermind is known worldwide for his unpolished and quality outputs. Having gained a solid reputation of a hit maker, Paul often tints his music with Electro and Drum & Bass colors. A graphic palette that spoke to a lot of freaks, including US Ben Wehunt. With "The Paul Blackford Anthology Vol. 1", the Body Control label owner presents a homogeneous selection of beats from the London artist, chosen with care and vision. The edition, limited to 100 CD copies contains no less than 18 cuts including 4 unreleased tracks, 2 new and 2 classics from the late 90's.


"Back 2 Basics" opens hostilities with a relentless Electro rhythm followed by old school samples and funny synth arpeggios. "12 A.M. Showdown" and "Hydro Glide" coming next offer a moody approach, bringing a dark atmosphere and some relief to the album. "Fugitive", "Kaos Theory" and "Metamorphic" balance between bleepy yet untouchable beats or emotive grooves, injecting some warm vibes to the album. Sometimes frantic ("We Have The Technology", "Rockin' In The Third Dimension", "Dance Yourself To Death", "Hijack"), sometimes deep ("Depth Charge", "Bass Connection", "Moonshot", "Fallout", "Cellar Dweller"), the compilation then fuses moments of bravery on the dancefloor and introspective instants maintaining the attention of the listener intact 'til the last notes, thanks to underground crisp bass and old school Rave & Breakbeat references such as Sl2! The end of the CD introduces some epic moments thanks to Blade Runnerish "Nimbus", plus two bonus tracks written near the end of the 90's: "Revz" and "Why Go".


To sum it up, this is classy modern Electro, respectful to the genre’s roots and of a quality that deserves attention from an authentic producer on a label doing it right. Not only an anthology release, but a good way to explore the career of an artist who embraces lots of musical styles with one unique talent. We already can't wait for Volume 2!





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

June 2016