Ohverclock - Parasite Lost

Here is the lethal return of our favorite reptilians from Florida! One year after their "Tecknowledgy" digital output, Adam "GROW" Wilson and Code Rising member Ryan "Kounterakt" Phillips come up from the depths of Earth to infest our souls with their second album to date following "Land Of The Fee, Home Of The Slave" released three years ago on CHP015.


Featuring no less than twelve tracks of pure menacing yet melodic Electrocore tunes, all dance floor killers, epic "Parasite Lost" takes place in the right prolongation of the duo's refined work since their inception back in 2013. Propelled by crisp beats, fueled with energy, the opus remains true to Ohverclock's advanced technology, nu-tech-industrial sound aesthetic and industrial madness while embracing the highly modern sound of today.


In overture, "Parasite" instantly catches the throat as the track sets up the main theme and musical tonalities of the album: harsh drums enhanced by intricate voices from outer space, plus samples taken from B-movies over a relentless mechanic rhythm let foresee a planet invaded by harmful species.


Keeping the pace high, "Pastime Fix" brings a hard, fast, driving groove which strikes nicely with some droids sororities in the background. Melodic and funky, the tune precedes haunting "Mahkeynah", a metallic slaughter based upon a slow rhythm, loud bass and noir sequences.


With its pounding 808, "One Million Slaves" finds again the path to the dancefloor, revealing an instant classic made of sexy whispers and vocodered lyrics fused into perfectly orchestrated distortions. The end of the World we know is close!


Next is no doubt one of the best songs of the CD: "Above The Lie" gathers together all the components you would expect from Ohverclock. Relentless beats, industrial layers, heading vocals a la NIN that will make you sing, frantic scratches, plus a terrific melody that won't leave your mind... this jewel has a rock attitude and couldn't have been more perfect!


Brilliant mixture of synth flights and powerful bassline, "Toxic Kids" then will target fans like me of Dagobert or Blastromen.


Devastating "Dinosaur Masta$" offers another milestone of an Electro Bass cut driven by hot drums, Sci-fi notes and attractive vocals.


Diving into fearsome landscapes, downtempo "Dark Messengers" impresses with its nightmarish and oppressive atmosphere from beyond the grave due to a fantastic work on the voices.


The knockout comes here from sumptuous "Non Conformity", subtle "Factory Of Death", fascinating "End Of Light", and moody "Revolt", four among eight slaughters that directly propel the album to the rank of a future classic!


Spaced out "Search For The Flying Saucer", delivers a brainwashing masterpiece enhanced by crazy sounds, lyrics and rhythms, while untouchable "Odd Skies" signs an epic soundtrack where almighty droid lyrics alternate with vintage synth strings.


As the album progressively ends, futuristic "Reptile Rebirth" maintains the tension thanks to a mental and intricate slaughter full of glitch sororities.


Final blast is given by sinister "Erased", a syncopated jam characterized by gloomy layers and much anticipated voices dealing with bad robots.


If you are into this breathtaking "Parasite Lost" release, check out also the recent eerie soundtrack album, "Acanthosaura", a must have written by German Crotaphytus aka Robert "The Exaltics" Witschakowski and Nico Jagiella.


Electro Bass/Electrocore music at its best in my opinion, served up by an intriguing production. Play it loud!





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

October 2016