The Observer - Ovidrians Eyes EP

No need to be a NASA employee to intercept radio transmissions from Mars! As an Electro freak, your hearing sensors might have probably perceived the highly anticipated vibes from French label Radio Mars’ third and long awaited output.


Present “Ovidrians Eyes EP” offers a successful follow up to a couple of 12” written by Kaleidophone and Franck Sarrio; respectively in 2006 and 2008.


Oscillating between sublime cinematic interludes and irresistible dancefloor Electro slaughters, the six tracker signs also the debut mini LP from enigmatic The Observer.


A side kicks things off with beatless “Through The Wind”, a Drexcyian like jewel based upon emotive synth melodies and atmospheric strings. You will feel like you are traveling through an earth of desolation swept by hostile squalls. The track will remind also of Jauzas The Shining's sound.


After a short vocodered overture, “OE Intrusion” serves up a milestone of a track enhanced by vintage arpeggios and relentless Electro drums.


The title track, coming next, transports us on darker and unexplored landscapes where your progression will be spied by unknown creatures. Heading vocals supported by sharp claps and syncopated drums turn the song into a piece of anthology. Top notch!


Nostalgic “Access To The Memories” on the reverse introduces great synth melodies over a relentless rhythm, while “Observed Subject” ventures with maestria into Techno Bass register.


Last but not least, moody “Beyond The Sky” combines Dopplereffekt's style with German sororities, ending the 12” on a cosmic journey as if you were totally transformed at time leaving planet Mars. A fascinating tune and a must have EP. We hope we will not have to wait nine years before RM004.





Reviewed by: Chris Nexus 6

October 2017