Nexus 23 - Escape

Andy Barton's label Bass Agenda Recordings returns with Borg Recordings regular signature Nexus 23!


Influenced by the UK hardcore and Drum & Bass sounds of the early 90's, the London artist delivers with "Escape" a mind-blowing digital pack made of three relentless sonic slaughters starting off with brainwashing "Overdose". Hitting hard as the first notes drop, the cut offers a frantic rhythm while abrasive drums, and tight 808s progressively spread their infectious Ravey atmosphere sucking your mind like a vampire would vacuum your blood. Nightmarish voices and scary modulations complete the song. Brilliant!


Underground "Moon Base" instantly following, serves up an epileptic piece of Electro funk characterized by a groovy D&B line and some schizophrenic distortions in Nexus 23's typical style. Definitively not for the faint of hearts!


Bringing up the rear, gloomy "Slap Attack" concludes the EP with a full drum-heavy Electro track with 4/4 reminiscences based upon scary synth strings, guitar riffs and a complex tempo taking you on a ride to escape from a dangerous town at night. You'll feel endangered like Snake Plissken in New York City, surrounded by a threatening population. Harsh, relentless and wild, this EP from Nexus 23 is his best to date IMO. Must have and a must to play!






Written by: Chris Nexus 6

June 2016