Negocious Man - H4RDW4R3

Nego is back! That's right guys, Negocius Man returns on his imprint Microm Records with a whopper of a release, this time devoting this title to his passion for Electronic Instruments. Available as a 4-track digital pack, this powerful, hard-hitting collection of jams is gonna make your next DJ set the highlight of the night. Negocious Man is becoming known for his edgy, raw, and innovative sound design; not always the most soulful if you are looking for very synthy emotive music, yet the ingenuity of the programming that you will find in his works if something that cannot be missed. These are dark themes for dark spaces, and it will make you dance until the lights come on. 


Starting things off is "Flying Through Detroit", a joyride across the treacherous terrains of this forgotten city held captive by rogue elements of the system Nego has set out to destroy. This inventive hit has such a complex array of spacey sounds that fill your head with scenes of stars going Supernova, along with strong rhythmic elements that remind me of some of the works by The Martian on Red Planet.  


Next up we find "Psychospace", a relentless and fierce Electro Bass tune that pounds the ground without mercy. Dark analog sequences are met by shrill syncopations that attack from above. The synths in this one are brooding, and add some mystery and depth. Great tune! 


As we move forward, "The Option Rompler" gets funky with the 808's and 909's as the batallion moves in for the kill. Tight sequences are weaved together ever so neatly into a space constricted by the rigid movement within. Drones fly overhead making sure all goes according to plan, which for this one is to be a bridge between worlds. Great segway song for your DJ sets. 


Lastly, "Streets Of Detroit" drops dark analog bass tones like bombs unto the dancefloor, as sharp staccato sonic effects march along like robotic spiders on the lunar surface. This song has nice effects to it that give it a good "live feel", sorta like a great DJ set full of cool filter sweeps, and the vibrant melodic stabs round things up by adding a bit of soul to the mix. Great tune!


It is great to see Negocious Man continue on a diligent path of not just building his own career and with a strong dedication to live hardware settings, but also that of his label Microm Records. Someone once told me the way forward as an artist in the underground is to: "Do it all yourself". And I have found this to be a powerful truth. Once firmly rooted into the ground, it is hard to shake a tree, and Microm Records is one that will bear many fruits as time goes on. Highly recommended E.P., and if you haven't checked out Negocious Man's previous works on the label, follow the player below and support!  





Reviewed by: Santino Fernandez

March 2017