Negocious Man - Mission Failed

If you have been keeping up with many of the releases coming from labels like Fundamental Records, Binalog Productions, Beathazard, and his own Microm, then perhaps Negocious Man is a name you have been getting accustomed to. As a rising star in his country of Spain, the Madrid native has been on a diligent quest over the past several years to spread the sounds of the underground sound of Electro Bass music with talent and dedication to spare. Here back again with the EP "Mission Failed", the Spanish artist delivers the fourth installment of his young label Microm, featuring 4 cuts of Sci-Fi Bass madness full of all the deranged, spaced out, sonic wizardry you have perhaps come to expect from the one and only "Nego". 


Starting off with "Saltos En El Espacio", this maddening tune sounds like a spaceship going through its start-up sequence. Bleepy, quickly ascending and descending in wild loops that stomp on the dancefloor with an iron-fisted sense of rhythm. This one is fierce folks, beware as we begin to enter the orbit of Ultraworld 5, as we do not know what territory we tread on, and by the sound of this track, is is nothing friendly.


Next up we find "Acieed", a totally different style in composition, though still very driven and with good pace...a nice Detroit Techno Bass tune to start your day. Spacey modulations saturate themselves over hypnotic sequences, and sultry synths, as deranged elastic bands of synthetic power strike you at the core. What a tune! This might be my favorite one.


"Ultramundo 5", the next song we find on this EP, comes in heavy from the start, with gritty bass synths that growl like ferocious wolves. This sinister tune quickly escalates into conflict as we begin to see our mission here is not one without great threat. Before we declare a failed mission, we fight back with everything we have, as the industrious beats here destroy everything in their path. Eerie synths and sounds that bend in and out of shape come together into a formidable enemy that cannot be stopped but yet we know we must leave.


Last on the record we find the extended version of "Escapada Del Enclave", an old school inspired 808 jam that slows the tempo down a bit, yet takes us back to the beginning as we head home. This glitchy, highly complex tune surprises as gleaming melodies come in with soulfulness and that B-Boy attitude that is always warmly welcomed. Great ending to the EP.


Negocious Man is quickly becoming one of the many amazing Spanish artists to look for, dedicated to our sound with passion, and a keen understanding that sophistication balanced with soulful vibes is the way forward. If you are looking for fun, interesting music to listen to, as well as devastating dancefloor bombs for your next DJ set, then this is up your alley. Get it now, and support underground music!





Written By: Santino Fernandez

October 2016