Monel - Multiply

Encrypted Records returns, this time with a fairly different title to add to their collection: a bit more minimal and non vocal; yet no less intriguing and full of ingenuity. Presenting Monel, with "Multiply", featuring a remix by ZterK, and released as a digital pack wherever you buy music.


The original track, composed of slower Hip Hop influenced Electro Funk beats, decorates itself with intriguing, melancholic synth layers that at the top, seem to rain back down as white noise above the heads of the percussive elements marching along in stride. This song is raw in many ways, depicting a subtle, yet profound sense of emotion, that is embraced by a low-fi, almost "Boards Of Canada" type of atmosphere, that to me seems to work great with the rhythms found here. Ace track!


Up next, we find the man of many musical faces, the very talented Jonas Lund aka Kretz. Here as ZterK, the Swedish artist comes in with a different style than we are used to hearing from him. This particular set up reminds me of "Computer Process", another amazing release by Kretz released on his primary imprint "Plonk Recordings", one of my faves at the moment, remixed then by Maschine Brennt, who like "ZterK" on this release, reworks the tune into a smooth Electronica, Techno infuenced jam. Here, most elements are essentially left untouched, though things seem to get a bit grittier than the original. Great remix, especially if your sets comprise more of 4x4 Techno cuts than Electro Bass jams.


If you haven't gotten caught up on Encrypted releases, you owe it to yourself to check out this fascinating line of Electro jams especially designed for you, with love and awareness! Buy it now, highly reccomended! 





Reviewed by: Santino Fernandez

November 2016