Mike Ash - Missing Time

If you have never heard about prolific veteran Mike Ash (Super Rhythm Trax, Mars Frequency, Devine Disorder), which is almost impossible, here are two opportunities to make amends about his music with the simultaneous release of "Black Triangle" on Bass Agenda Recordings; a follow up to his "UFO3030" album published two years ago, and "Missing Time", his third contribution to the British Electro label Borg Recordings, founded in 2012 by Skyborg.


With "Missing Time", the U.K. don serves up another Sci-Fi Electro four tracker of his trademark made of cosmic tones, stardust and alien abductions.


The EP kicks off with "Hypnotic Regression" and embarks us as the first notes drop at light speed on the borders of the universe just like an advanced spaceship would propel its crew. Combination of unstoppable Electro beats enhanced by bleepy sequences, the tune delivers an incredible acid assault where old school influences combine with an ultra modern twist. Ace!


The song precedes mental "Biological Entity", another refined syncopated cut based upon dark layers and deeper tones over a slowed down rhythm. Definitively not for the faint of hearts!


With its emotional introduction made of catchy synth flights and hardcore ravey influences, relaxing "The Fourth Kind" coming next appears as a stargate to unknown outer space worlds.


Finally, acidic "Gravity Wave" closing the digital pack brings us back to Earth after a succession of mental manipulations and body experiments. Top notch!


Fusion of heavy 808 beats, lush absorbing synths and spicy 303 lines, epic "Missing Time" signs a powerful EP where Mike unleashes the bass without ever forgetting the melodies. Play it loud!





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

August 2016