Mike Ash - Identified

Red alert! The London don returns on his very own No Survivors! Recordings imprint with three uncompromising Acid Electro cuts of his trademark in the direct prolongation of the "Interception" album released last year. With this new sonic assault, expect no prisoners from Mike Ash (Borg Recordings, Bass Agenda Recordings).


Opening the digital pack with the title track, the UK veteran unleashes the drums like never before, while a merciless acid line brings you back in time when happy people were prostrating themselves in front of walls of bass at smoking parties. Add to this some retro synth melodies, sparse vocals and a few tribal percussive elements, and you'll experience one of Mike's best tracks to date, strictly for the dancefloor!


Bleepy "Target Locked" coming next takes a deeper approach. Based upon a slower Electro rhythm, the song progressively appears as a mental combination of emotive strings and pounding Electro beats over a raw acid line. Sometimes music doesn't need to be any more complex to move a crowd!


Final cut "Drive System" sees Mike returning to a groovier sound with a bass heavy cut of crunched Electro, filtered into advanced machines and complete with subsonic frequencies. Top notch!


As usual, you'll find out the familiar retrofuturist atmosphere taken from Mike's unlimited fish-tank of samples: the 50's and 60's Sci-Fi movies. "Identified" signs another lethal release full of acid loops and cosmic tones. Support by purchasing below. 





Reviewed by: Chris Nexus 6

October 2017