M3taN01a - Experiment 69

With promising releases on labels such as Misión 115, or Borg Recordings over the last two years, Vuchko Neziri aka M3taN01a, has been making a name for himself on the electronic scene. Hailing from Gostivar, the Macedonian artist invests his time in the Japanese structure Anti Gravity Device run by AE35 with an interesting three track EP ranging from Electro to the more Breaks styles.


Blade Runnerish "An" opens the digital pack with a solid and convincing Electro rhythm surrounded by a noir atmosphere and enhanced with menacing melodies.


Deep "Rhein", instantly following, jumps into the Breaks wagon, serving up a driving song based upon groovy patterns, minimalistic hi-hats and aerial synth layers. A bit repetitive but easy to play at 4am, if you want your crowd to rest before a storming mix final!


Lively "Successful Länder" concludes the EP with a frantic song based upon Breaks influences, syncopated tempos, rough beats, and nice arpeggio programming. Heading and hypnotizing at the same time, this track sounds like the climax of "Experiment 69"!


If you haven't caught on to M3taN01a's cuts, we recommend to start with this great E.P. perfectly illustrated by graphic artist Cory Hernandez, also known as Inhuman Designed. You can also check out M3taN01a's previous works on Bass Agenda Recordings, we promise you won't be disappointed!





Reviewed by: Chris Nexus 6

April 2017