V/A - Mechatronica 1

The list of exciting labels new and old hopping on the vinyl bandwagon continues to grow, and here we present you with yet another solid piece of wax featuring some well known favorites this time around. Launching the very promising "Mechatronica" imprint, the fresh German label founded by Casper Mejlholm, Federico Benedetti and Daniel Boubet, summons Electro wizards Sync 24, Luke Eargoggle, Universal Human Underground (-=UHU=-), Privacy, and Etcher, unto the "Mechatronica 1" compilation as it hits the ground running for its first installment. Let's see what this record is all about!


First off is a collaboration between Sync 24 (Cultivated Electronics), and long time veteran Luke Eargoggle, on the track "Broken Electronix"; a fascinating Techno Bass jam with all the right stuff. This one comes in heavy, with signature bits from what we know of these two artists, punishing the dancefloor with a ferocious bassline that takes control as the bleeps and complex sound manipulations come in like a broken up meteor. Creepy vocals infiltrate in a slightly sinister way as the melodic elements decorate with careful balance what is a marvel of a tune...this is a good one! Love it. 


Next up we have rising conscious artist Universal Human Underground, who delivers a deranged yet playful, intelligent, and emotinally curious tune that continues a fairly Detroit-inspired trend so far. More and more we are beginning to hear from the artist, who seems very devoted to spreading a positive message to a world in need of positivity. Check his latest DVD on Body Control Records to see what I mean, this guy is on fire!


As we flip the record over, we find the obscure Privacy project, released in the past by Techno labels Lobster Theremin, Void Limited and Klasse Wrecks to name a few, here featuring "Miss U"; a classic, nostalgic, yet forward thinking jam with soothing pads and delightful sequences that invite the listener to marvel in a beautiful atmosphere of space age music where past meets present, and catapults you towards the future. My favorite, very well done!


Last but not least we find Etcher's "Super-Translations"; a pure and uncut Techno tune that paces along with confidence as the analog bassline takes hold of the grooves you will find here. The song pushes even further as it brings in gleaming step sequences that expand the sonic space around you with a soothing, yet audacious vibe that reminds me of some of the early '90s stuff, even some of that of Eon. In no rush, but determined in its rhythm and great for the dancefloor. 


Overall a very solid beginning for the new label, who shows it is in just the right space to make something special continue to happen. Just like it has with this incredible 12" you just have to go get. It is available now wherever you buy wax, or through the label's Bandcamp page. Support!





Written by: Santino Fernandez

August 2016