V/A - Mechatronica 2

German label Mechatronica run by Casper Mejlholm, Federico Benedetti and Daniel Boubet returns this month with its second release to date, in the form of another successful vinyl compilation, and featuring a plethora of highly demanded artists such as Dez Williams, Umwelt, Dmitry Distant & Igors Vorobjovs, and Fleck E.S.C.


The Killekill crew invests the A side with two uncompromising Electro slaughters. Prolific Dez Williams from the U.K. (Vanta Series, Parallelx) signs with deranged "Only Way I Know", a killer experimental song based upon a slowed down tempo. Robotic voices over distorted sororities bring you to another world while percussive drums deliver the right amount of trance you would expect from a track of this caliber. Dark and intricate at the same time!


French DJ and heavyweight producer Umwelt (Boidae, Rave Or Die, New Flesh Records) offers on magnificent "Mankind Origin", a new demonstration of his savoir faire when it comes to creating emotive Electro anthems thanks to catchy synth melodies. A solid and hypnotic 808 serves up a classic cut based upon mind-blowing modulations and cutting edge synth flights. What a monster of a tune!


On the reverse, Russian Dmitry Distant (Bass Agenda Recordings, Body Control Records) and compatriote Igors Vorobjovs (UHU, Seven Sisters) join forces to deliver a well named collaboration: dystopian "Cold Scape", which serves up a synthetic piece of Electro where clinical layers combine to a mechanical rhythm supported by eerie distortions. Deep, complex and visionary!


French electronic artist based in Japan Fleck E.S.C (Anti Gravity Device, Preset) closes the 12" with groovy "Dimmer Set Up", a dramatic Electro weapon in the Tokyo-based producer’s typical signature full of female vocals, playful beats and warm sequences that counterbalance with the previous track. Here comes a forward thinking jam that will definitely put you in a circle thanks to epic dancefloor moments!


After a remarkable beginning, promising Mechatronica transforms the test and marks some important points on the electronic scene with this fascinating, eclectic and fresh second installment. Must have!





Reviewed by: Chris Nexus 6

January 2017