Luxus Varta - Aquamarine Puzzle

September will see the exciting return of Luxus Varta!! After Solar One Music, Killekill and Intramuros Records, the French don pins Shipwrec to his hunting table.


With "Aquamarine Puzzle", real name Emeric Di Paolo delivers six utterly complex Electro cuts of his trademark characterized by Drexcyian inspired melodies and organic Electro beats. The result is a mind blowing EP and an absolute must have 12".


A side kicks things off with "Brevlab", an intricate journey into the windings of brain, seen from the windows of a miniaturized ship traveller. Spaced out synth flights supported by a relentless rhythm and soulful construction, turn the track into a pulsating beast to be explored from the inside. Innovative and catchy at the same time.


If the atmospheric darkness, droning electronics and bubbling vibes of instant classic "Tofsy" are anything to experiment, luminous "Globb" written along with his long time partner in crime Paris The Black FU of Detroit Grand Pubahs fame band (Detelefunk, Zomba Records) serves up a lazy song where smooth drums and enigmatic lyrics from the background fuse in perfect harmony. Ace!


Percussive "Clydder" on the flipside, delivers an emotive piece of funk tinted with Jazzy influences, while mental "Trup6", my favorite, builds bridges between the fierce soul of the Motor City Electro and the cold groove of Berlin. A track that could easily figure on the Arpanet repertory.


Finally, urban "Ukitz" closes the record walking on a sexy tune made of female whispers, acid-laden moodiness and haunting strings. Top notch!


Expect nothing but raw electronix all the way and milestone cuts from Luxus here; he definitely drives his machines exactly where he wants, leading us like a gourou into his own universe. Essential!





Reviewed by: Chris Nexus 6

August 2017