Luxus Varta - Rosenhan Experiment

Emeric Di Paolo aka Luxus Varta confirms all the good that we thought about this pure genius since his discovery on Solar One Music's Hubble Telescope Series.


After a small contribution to the "Killekill Megahits II" compilation (Killekill 025) along with his partner in crime Detroit Grand Pubahs (Detelefunk, Zomba Records) on new enigmatic project "Techmarine Bottom Feeders", the French artist invests Intramuros Records to deliver the second outing of the Parisian fresh imprint lead by Oxyd and Virginie Peyturaux.


Titled "Rosenhan Experiment", a famous experiment driven in the 70's by psychologist David L. Rosenhan in order to determine the validity of psychiatric diagnosis, the EP serves up four nonsense Electro cuts characterized by a memorable atmosphere and constructed like a parkour in the depths of human mind.


A side opens with heady "Wenn", a pure melodic anthem made of inspiring strings, nasty synth programming, energetic beats and urban influences. I haven't been so excited by a track of such caliber for a while! 


"Lizzy" instantly following leads us straight on the dancefloor thanks to a groovy bassline over a frantic rhythm, some Drexcyian strings laying in the background.


On the flipside, haunting "Losquato" featuring Paris The Black Fu of Detroit Grand Pubahs signs a mental slaughter based upon monotone lyrics telling an insane story from a probably deranged patient. It sounds like the little voice one can hear while having a nightmare. Ace!


Finally introspective "Tempsun" concludes the 12" with a slow Electro piece to bring us closer to some of Franck Kartell's melancholic works, offering a moody melody that fans of the Twin Peaks series like me will appreciate.


No need to say this EP is vital in your heavy Electro collection. Expect nothing but master strokes like this on Intramuros' forthcoming releases as the demanding label, influenced by Electro and the U.K. sound will take time to select artists according to their talent rather than their notoriety.





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

September 2016