T. Linder - Liver Noise

Detroit Techno Militia strikes again with a punishing selection of remixes, based on a fierce original written and produced by head honcho Tom Linder. Introducing us to "Liver-Noise", what at first sounds like a medical problem, is actually; while a bizarre theme indeed, an abstract project that offers an eclectic display of the kind of talent that the city of Detroit breeds; whether directly or indirectly. Given that some of the names on this release aren't anywhere near the city, but very closely connected to it, one can easily see the influence of its musical culture, and the devoted alliances created by it. 


Starting things off is T. Linder's own original mix, which is a pounding, dark 808 jam that reminds me a bit of Anthony Rother and songs like Red Light District; only sped up a little, and with a bit more of that alien mystique energy that oozes from every dark alley of the city of Detroit. Following next, Romanian special operative Andrew Red Hand offers up a unique ghetto blaster, with warm playful pads, and gleaming sequencing that adds a really classy melodic element to the concept, while utilizing what either sounds like the original bassline, or one programmed in a very similar fashion.


Next up we find the very cool remix by "Annix", a ferocious delivery of Techno Bass beats wrapped up around computerized glitches and the original strings found in T. Linder's version. This one also utilizes the same concept for the bassline, but adding more warmth, and introducing some interesting stabs that decorate the atmosphere with a nice touch of mystery. 


Heating things up, the mind of the master that is DJ Di'jital revisits the song in his classic fashion, yet with that lively new flavor we have begun to hear in his Alien Revolution releases. Heart pumpin' beats, met by frantic sequences, and hits that nail this remix to the wall as one of my favorites. Great job! 


Up next, DJ 3000 comes in with a stupendous rework that takes the whole idea in a whole new direction. Delightful pads, a warm sawtooth bassline unlike the original, along with an incredible array of programmed melodic and abstract sequences that in a way almost sound a bit retro, but at the same time very futuristic and unique. Very intelligent and elegant song! I love the breakdown towards the middle, it gets really freaky!


My absolute favorite however, and this should be no surprise, is Dynamik Bass System's remix, which takes us back to the artist's Heliopause project, but pushing forward with some seriously deranged Techno Bass music. This one is a bit like some of Juan Atkin's work on Metroplex from back in the day, full of intelligent computerized sampling, and brooding strings that complete this fascinating journey with just the right amount of feeling. 


Slowing things down a bit, we find Kero's remix, which is a bit like some of Phoenicia's work at first, but begins to slowly introduce the bass as it  makes its way through the insanity that is the glitch power of this remix. Not very melodic, and in no way reminiscent of the original, but very mischevious and otherworldly. Mr. 3p, here featuring Stealther, on the other hand turns everything into a ferocious 4x4 Techno remix, featuring some of the elements from the original, yet in its own habitat that is a bit like some of Aux 88's straightbeat material. Very cool jam!


N-ter, the man with the master plan reworks this baby with style and tenacity, building the bassline back into the mix with a totally different texture, adding mind altering effects and enigmatic pads that fill the space with radiant energies. Marvelous! As if that wasn't enough, Toil maintains the pressure with agressive 808s and suspenseful and mysterious melodies that dive into a deep and dark abyss where nothing seems to make sense anymore. This may be one of the more unique remixes here I think.


Lastly we find the man who bridges Florida and Detroit seamlessly with his playful, yet ingenious and eccentric style: Will Web. This dynamic remix is perhaps the most energetic of the bunch. Bizarre melodic stabs, twisted vocal samples, thought provoking strings, and a relentless barrage of synthetic artillery that will strike on any dancefloor with a bit of old school Electro Funk flavor with what I like to call Will's "Neo-Electro" style; something we have been seeing more and more from the artist as his sound continues to evolve and morph in ways that we cannot keep up with. Top notch stuff!


This is a great release if you are looking for high-quality, floor stomping, yet eclectic and original music. Many of the remixes retain much of the idea from the original, but with each artist's unique footprint, making for a nice varied collection that doesn't get tiring to listen to in one sitting. For the DJ's, this is one of the most powerful tools for your arsenal I have heard in quite a while. Detroit Techno Bass at its very best! Get it now.





Written by: Santino Fernandez

March 2016