Dmitry Distant/Lectromagnetique - Bass Agenda Recordings 039

Bass Agenda Recordings celebrates its fourth vinyl release to date! Following the musical roughness of Alavux's "Octagon" EP, the London based label heads for Eastern Europe to explore the gloomy universe of Russian Dmitry Distant (Beläten, Killerrec) and regular BA signature from Ukraine Ivan Margolin aka Lectromagnetique (Transient Force). The result, available in the form of a hot red marble split 12", an EP that takes no prisoners!


A side of the EP, devoted to Dmitry, opens with dark "Theosophist", a carefully crafted introduction characterized by industrial layers, abstract sororities and broken beats. Emotive "Lobotomy", my favorite, goes on with a heading melody over a well balanced Electro rhythm; some nice bleeps and melancholic strings laying in the background. Ace!


Moving forward to more 4/4 influences, "Contemplation" signs a solid cut based upon percussive beats surrounded by a noir atmosphere. Last but not the least, the funky "Lobotomy" cut returns with a dancefloor oriented Techno rework from the like of Swedish Obergman (Abstract Forms, Stilleben), turning the original into an authentic 90's track where influences from the past rebound on the present.


Lectromagnetique takes control of the flipside. With its intricate atmosphere, retro "Orbiter" offers a wonderful movie soundtrack a la John Carpenter, full of 80's synth flights, subtle acid loops and irresistible breaks. This cutting-edge track of high level, deep and sinister at the same, embarks you on a journey through Space Electro with dedication and true passion for the Sci-fi genre.


Tense "Ann" coming next serves up a brilliant acidic tune full of unhealthy vibes over edgy tones, while cold "Not For Mankind", filled with Synth Wave and twisted futuristic Electro, concludes the record with a more stripped back approach.


From A to Z, every track of the 12" hits the mark and brings you further into the world of these two talents, moving through deep atmospherics to pumpin' tension. This is a record you can't miss. Essential!





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

March 2016