Kretz - Supreme

Author of two albums "Gemeinschafts Informationen" and "Alles Ist Binär", plus a dozen of EPs on labels such as PLONK, Urkraft or Encrypted since 2012, Kretz invests into the Japanese Electro label Anti Gravity Device lead by AE35.


Coming from the Amiga and Commodore scene, the Swedish artist also known as Anode or Rex 42 signs on dancefloor "Supreme EP", a groovy Electro tune based upon analog touches, and an intricate vocoder à la Kraftwerk scanding "We Are Supreme", with synthetic strings and a solid 808 line. Perfect in a set to make your transition into harder tracks!


The digital pack comes with two brilliant reworks of "Supreme" by Maschine Brennt (PLONK) and AGD's head honcho AE35.


The first version from Joacim Thenander features sinister tonalities over a grime rhythm, while the second remix by Yosuke Ikeda, my favorite, turns the original into a weird experimental song tinted with Acid to bring us closer to some of Boris Divider's early works.


Don't sleep on this one as it seems like AGD is going back to its roots, serving up here one of the most Electro releases (in its purist form) from its catalog.





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

September 2016