Kretz - We Are Crispy

Kretz returns on his recently founded imprint "Encrypted Records", hot on the heels of the punishing "You Are Time Consuming"; this time with "We Are Crispy", a 2-track digital download available on the artist's Bandcamp page. Featured on remix duties this time around is Spanish purveyor Amper Clap, along with Kretz's original version; both tunes which are simply deranged and menacing, driven with tenacity and ready to seriously devastate some dancefloors.


Starting things off is Kretz, the man with the magical touch for the synths, who introduces an abstract, complex production that creates a deep and mysterious world full of hypnotic arpeggios and reverberated hits that invite you into the underworld of society's out of control ego and our thirst for vanity. Kretz's version is a real treat, delivering a complex array of bass tones that reminds me of many of the works found in the Breaks world during the Rave era in the '90s. Devious, alluring, and slightly spooky, with this incredibly mystifying atmosphere, driven by tough robotic beats and bizarre bubbling sequences that move about in such a frantic way.


Next up, Ampler Clap reworks the original with a hypnotic version that gallops along with machine-like beats, and a relentless bassline that moves you from within. Quirky and playful sequences join up with suspenseful melodies, along with the original vocals to create a Trancey environment decorated with slight 8-bit touches that make it just right. Great remix!


A very "tongue in cheek" release that takes a light-hearted, yet sarcastic look at some of society's superficial issues, delivered with class and tenacity. These guys put all their heart and ingenuity into their music, and it can be heard and felt from a mile away. Get this, you will love it from beginning to end. Mysterious and brooding, yet fun and ready to pounce on the unsuspecting partygoers. 





Written by: Santino Fernandez

February 2016