Thomas Kress - Electrophonic Machine

Launched in 2015 by Brazilian veterans Marcelo Lazzari a.k.a. DJ Marcelo and Fernando Mendes a.k.a. FERO, Tropical Underground aims to shuffle a little bit of fresh air on the electronic scene, distilling nothing but vanguard sounds to the masses. Having received since its inception positive support from numerous artists including Elektrabel, Cosmic Force, Orgue Electronique, or Luke Eargoggle just to name but a few, the Brno based cutting-edge label in Czech Republic welcomes today Thomas Kress (Robotmachine Records, Battery Park Studio)! Between two outputs on Dynamik Bass Machine's imprint ("Utilize Me", previously released in 2013, and his next EP, scheduled for a near future), the Munich Meka delivers here an intense Electro four tracker.


In overture of the digital pack, dancefloor "Electrophonic Machine", the title track, engages hostilities with spacious synth flights, deep bass and Sci-Fi sequences over fierce 808 drums. Ace!


Slowing down the tempo, visionary "The Future" offers a successful mixture of sharp beats, catchy vocoder a la Boris Divider, drone tonalities and melodic arpeggios. If you are into electrobotic style with a funky twist, this intricate song is for you!


On "Electro Music", Thomas goes darker into the realm serving up an untouchable organic slaughter made of noir strings, compressed tones, and droid lyrics, all fused in a unique form of energy. But my favorite remains deep and uncompromising "Verbotene Liebe" anyway. Based upon a groovy rhythm, emotive melodies and warm analogue modulations, this cut takes no prisoners, bringing the right amount of Bass to move your body!


Release after release, Tropical Underground imposes upon the electronic scene as a solid challenger and alternative to established imprints bringing a huge and diverse set of creativity. Congrats!





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

February 2016