Kronos Device - Kill Switch

Attention all humans: our satellites have intercepted three signals in the form of a menacing threat from the depth of the Galaxy. Indeed, after too long a silence, the duo composed of Phil "Bass Junkie" Klein (Battle Trax, Breakin', Audio Illusion) and Simon "The Dexorcist" Brown (SMB, Control Tower, Fdb Recordings) returns to planet Earth on a mission to make you dance. Transmitting loud and clear on all frequencies, Kronos Device intelligences resurrect the Battle Trax imprint for a mind-blowing EP, showcasing that they're still at the forefront of Electro Bass.


A side kicks off with the vocal version of "Kill Switch", an irresistible slaughter published earlier this year in digital format on the still mighty charity compilation "Touched Bass" brought to you by Bass Agenda Recordings and the Touched label. Characterized by sub bass and creepy melodies, the song signs a devastating piece of Electro Bass perfect to destroy any speaker, supported by the untouchable lyrics and voices of Bass Junkie.


The flipside opens with "Kill Switch (Riot Club Dub)", a darker and more stripped out version of the original, where vocals have left the place, replaced by lethal Sci-Fi FX over untouchable 808 drums. This might be my favorite version!


Final cut "Decoy" concludes the magistral 12" in apotheosis. To bring closer to Cybernet System's (Phil Klein and Scott Weiser) classic "We Are Borg" release on Panic Trax in 1995, this Electro charmer will cause irremediable damages on the dancefloor thanks to its catchy melodic parts combined with retro game sounds. Sinister, infectious and unhealthy at the same time!


Available in limited red marble copy or standard black vinyl, this new collectible Battle Trax outing is a must have! Get it now.





Reviewed by: Chris Nexus 6

January 2017