Sync 24 and Silicon Scally - Jack Out EP

Cultivated Electronics, the galvanizing farm of Electro music that just keeps on giving the gift of wonder, returns once again with a fabulous collaboration with label mastermind Sync 24, and legendary composer and producer Carl Finlow; here under his Silicon Scally alias. With the Jack Out EP, the latest vinyl venture by the UK imprint, the two producers, who in many ways have very different strengths, come together here to show that both can do crazy, and do it well. Tenacious, imaginative and rather mischevious in their approach, the music you will find here is for the die-hards. The kind of stuff that takes brainpower to process as the endless barrage of sonic deliveries strike your nervous system from every corner. Let's get started!


Opening things up on the 12" is "Jack Out", the title track that comes in fierce and ready to topple unworthy systems with its powerful beats, and spaced-out decor. As mentioned, the two artists are very good at glitchy, abstract manipulations, here without remorse and full of ingenuity. Very cool song! Not very melodic, but a funky space ride and a sure shot on the dancefloor!


Next up we find "Sine Vibes", a deranged sonorous jam with creepy chops, riding sub basses, and mind-bending sounds that increase the pressure as every step drops with attitude and skill. Similar in fashion to the previous, but even darker and more complex.


As we flip the disc over, we find "Clickjacking", another fascinating joyride that swirls into action, and drops a bit of mystique as we find some slightly spooky melodic elements that I would assume come from the mind of Finlow. This one changes things up a bit, introducing more cohesive vocals and a more classic approach. The sawtooth bassline here is killer, and the way the it dances along with all the elements really makes for a tenacious Techno Bass tune. My favorite so far!


Last but not least we find a dub mix of the previous, which dissolves the original into another uncanny production full of sub drops, piercing modulations and energetic 808s; essentially a more "asbtract" version if you will, but not lacking any weight behind it! 


if you are looking for classy dancefloor tunes with ingenuity, then look no further than this great new slab of wax by two producers who have made their mark on their scene for many years now. Support the underground, keep vinyl alive! This record is available wherever you buy music.





Written by: Santino Fernandez

August 2016