Illektrolab - Illahertz

Should we introduce once again Satamile meka Jason McCracken aka Illektrolab? Except for a handful of appearances on Bass Agenda (a cameo with Andy Barton) or on his own Advanced Robotiks, the Electro veteran from Phoenix, Arizona, was rather discreet since his latest "Robots Destroy" EP back in 2012 on Duality. Today, the emperor of Cybertron engages his legions of hostile decepticons in a much anticipating Electro warfare against blue planet, and I seriously doubt anybody will escape! The four slammin' slaughters craftily gathered in brand new digital "Illahertz EP" will witnesses the fate of mankind.


Merciless "Dreaming Electric" introduces at first a mass destruction weapon made of sharp Electro beats, Sci-Fi distortions, intricate drone type music, and analogue melodies; all the components in sum for maximum annihilation on the dancefloor! Watch out for the gloooomy break by the middle of the cut, Illektrolab knows his job when it comes to be on the rampage with loud bass frequencies!


Warehouse focused "Subfreaked" coming next serves up a an atomic Electro Bass smasher characterized by an untouchable rhythmic that will instantly put you in a circle. Leaded by devastating kicks and low frequencies, the nasty track distinguishes itself by the use of feverish, yet urban over magnificent 808 programming.


Fusing powerful beats to earth quaking basslines with synapse tickling glitches, synthetic "Illahertz" signs the third sonic assault and another milestone of a Cyborgy. After a catchy overture made of cosmic tonalities and spoken female vocals about vibrations, the title track slowly spreads its sinister industrial atmosphere, heavily invoking a threatening yet technologically advanced civilization. Definitely not for the faint of hearts, this astonishing and cold jam will achieve to spread chaos wherever you will use it. Finally "Amnezia Hazed" concludes the EP on a harsh, rough yet groovy atmosphere, where trancey layers combine to more industrial melodies. Must have IMO!

Expected on wax soon on infamous Shipwrec Records, the "Illahertz EP" reports a series of fresh ltd 12" releases from Illektrolab this year. You'll be warned and don't say you didn't know!





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

March 2016