Go Nuclear - Techno World

Go Nuclear - Techno World album cover on Bass AgendaYou'll probably hear more of Tim Checkley and Clint Watkins in the near future. The duo hidden behind the explicit "Go Nuclear" alias makes a remarkable debut on U.K.'s prime Electro label Bass Agenda Recordings run by the unstoppable Andy Barton.


Brilliant "Techno World" sees the boys hailing from New Zealand delivering their very first E.P. and according to its quality, this won't be their last one! Opening with the title track, Go Nuclear goes back into time serving up a classic Electro killer characterized by old school Techno Bass samples, ace synth melodies, well calibered 808s, apocalyptic basslines and funky lyrics that will make you sing while you move like a robot on the dancefloor.


Instantly following this awesome tune, radioactive "Polygamist" takes a more retro route, serving up a pure anthem based upon vintage arpeggios and crunched Electro over roaring synthetic layers in the Motor City's typical sound.


Last but not the least, Detroit Filthiest aka DJ Nasty (Public Housing, Bow Legged Hoe) concludes the digital pack with a mighty remix of "Techno World" in an even more cadenced version enhanced with frantic drums, breaks and beats.


Warning: authentic old school tunes inside, so run fast to save your copy or your place in the nearest antinuclear bunker!! The Apocalyptic and spicy artwork was by Elliot Francis Stewart.





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

November 2016