Formshift - Disorder

If you like your Electro harsh and cold, let's rush on this insane new release from the Bass Agenda Recordings catalog!


"Anger makes you stronger" as the Emperor used to say on Stars Wars. This adage, Gavin Bucktrout aka Formshift applied to himself. As a disciple of the Sith philosophy, this merciless talent has spread chaos wherever he appeared, from DanceDelic-D to Hard Electronic imprints, showcasing his rage against our behaviors and the way we consider the planet.


This month, he's back with a vengeance on London's prime label run by Andy Barton, to deliver three involved cuts half way between Electrocore and Industrial music.


The title track "Disorder" opens the digital pack with irascible sororities over rough syncopated beats. If rhythms remain slow, merciless modulations and harsh tones increase the tense while distorted vocals scanding "Chaos, Refuse, Protest, Disorder" command to resist. Not for the faint-hearted!


Raw "Create X Destroy" follows with a similar approach, completed with inhospitable sororities, Industrial layers and a noir atmosphere throughout. The track never really starts and that's how it makes it excellent.


Finally insanity comes at its highest point with gloomy "How Much Can You Take", a successful Downtempo tune based upon horrific strings, filtered lyrics fused into compressors and nasty drums. As the absolute climax of the EP, this brainwashing jam is worth by itself the purchase of "Disorder". A tense, uncompromising and vital EP! Purchase below.





Reviewed by: Chris Nexus 6

August 2017