Fleck E.S.C. - Maniacs E.P.

Fleck E.S.C. returns, this time on German "Mechatronica" imprint, who launches with this fascinating release, its digital-only selection of titles that promises to continue the trend of high-quality tunes that has made this young imprint one to look for in just a year's time. If you haven't caught up, Mechatronica is a label founded in 2016 as part of the expansion of a highly sucessful event promotion company that has been behind the famous "Mechatronica" parties in Berlin, amassing on their stage international names such as A Guy Called Gerald, Ed DMX, DJ Hell, and Silicon Scally to name just but a few.


Starting things off, "Boredom Routine Flagship" starts off creepy at the gates with slightly slower tempos than we normally get from Fleck E.S.C. Highly complex programming gets going, building in complexity and sounding like a well oiled machine with no regard for anything but the groove, soon being met by rich, analogue synths that add a bit of mystery and suspense, but keeping things classy at the same time and turning this one into a nicely balanced production.


The 2nd track on this E.P. is "Stingy With A Smile", a playful, yet rather devious song with a really clever composition. The synths, and the way Fleck modulates them at the end as if swirling away into space after delivering the melody, is the kind of spontaneous trick that adds a type of depth to a song that shows broad vision and understanding of the musical realm. Between the Kraftwerkian beats, precise sequencing, and unique approach to building the character of the song with eccentric notation, this one goes down as one of the most original themes I have heard from ther artist so far. 


Coming next, the title tune "Maniacs" sees Fleck E.S.C unleash his genius with pure fury on the dancefloor in the kind of witty and unforgiving style of artists like Carl Finlow; particularly his Silicon Scally alias. This song is warm and rich in analog textures, driven by a tight bassline that composes a delightful groove that is soon met by gloomy strings as if being welcomed into a haunted house of horrors. Fabulous!


Lastly, "Bouche a Bouche"; a quirky song with a bit of swank, and a fun, old school, yet futuristic vibe programmed with a broadly eclectic vision for Electronic Music, seemingly draws influence from many sub-genres out there. I hear bits of Acid via the infamous 303, eccentric melodies that we used to hear a lot back in the '90s by artists like Orbital, and Radioactive Man, while really much of that uncanny mystique that has made Fleck E.S.C. a name to look for thrives well within these elements, and without sacrifice. You get what you are looking for, and then some! Top tune.


Wonderful material from an equally wonderful artist. For those of you perhaps peeking interest at the many great titles so far on Mechatronica, but not interested in vinyl, this new digital-only arm of this fantastic German imprint is here to answer the call! Support now by buying below. Highly reccomended release.





Reviewed by: Santino Fernandez

November 2017