Exzakt - Feeling EP

Larry McCormick announced the end of his Electro project five years ago. But due to popular demand, Exzakt has returned this month for our greatest joy.


On command of the "Feeling EP", a five tracker in Exzakt's typical flavor but with a modern twist and unexpected vibes, the US artist offers a preview of his upcoming album "Evolved" to be released soon. 


For now available only in digital format (maybe a vinyl issue will see the day later on), the pack opens with the title track. After a long overture based upon clear synth arpeggios, the song displays its infectious 808 beats before a flying melody appears by the middle of the cut. The end focuses on new synths partitions and lazy atmospheres. Not strictly Electro nor Ambient (maybe both), but fresh and highly representative of Exzakt's new sound!


For a long time available for free on SoundCloud, "Above", written with fellow partner Kinesthetic, renews with Electro Bass styles and delivers one of Exzakt's future classics. Enhanced with female vocals, the cut serves up a driving Electro masterpiece fully completed with emotive strings. Ace!


"The Party Is Not Over", instantly following, sounds like another milestone of an Electro Bass winner thanks to its untouchable drums and syncopated rhythm.


Built around sharp Electro beats, "The Party Has Just Begun" coming next evolves halfway between Breaks and Hip-Hop genres without ever falling into a Dirty Larry (another musical project of Larry McCormick) style if you know what I mean. The result offers an unexpected combination of rapper lyrics and old school Rave references.


Borrowing samples from Freestyle's classic anthem "The Party Has Just Begun", "Start The Party", the fourth song, progressively turns into a nu-school hotness thanks to heading melodies and metallic sororities.


Last but not the least, "The Party Dub" concludes the EP with a great mixture of organic and mechanical tones fused into a dense artificial ambience. 


Exzakt's approach to composition has seriously evolved since his first steps on Frajile Recordings back in 2000. Today his music resembles a complex but craftily narrative, containing a plethora of influences not stocked into one genre only Electro. Less dancefloor than his firsts compositions but still innovative and brain oriented. Welcome back Mr Exzakt!





Reviewed by: Chris Nexus 6

July 2017