EPG - Party Rock

If you have been keeping up with the latest news in the scene, you may have noticed an exciting new vinyl label pop out of nowhere, and with plenty of incredible material to keep us busy listening and asking for more. This new label is Ground Control Records, sub-label to the mighty Dominance Electricity, so far giving the world the gift of music via 12" EP's like The Alliance & Flux Flavour's retro attack with "A.L.L.I.A.N.C.E./Trapped Monsters", Tape Loader & Phatt Rok Ski's "Prime Time" 12" single, as well as this new beauty I will review forth here by the infamous EPG, back again with "Party Rock". Let's get started folks!


This soulful, B-Boy inspired collection of tunes is a blast from the past, fine tuned and polished with 21st century technology that revives old school party vibes from the likes of Planet Rock, oozing with 808 styles, crystal clear and immaculate as you would expect from today's sound technology; and full of the spirit that gave people new hope a long time ago with the movement that changed the world: Hip Hop.


Starting off is "Party Rock (Assimilation mix)", slowed down just a bit to around 128 bpms, gleaming with classic pads, so emotive and beautiful. One of those melodies you can't get out of your head, and seems to almost revitalize you from the inside. This is personally why as a devout purveyor of the futuristic sound of Techno Bass music, I could never let go of my roots in Electro Funk music. It's what superhero soundtrack music should sound like today, and did sound like long ago with this very alive and passionate spirit that was conveyed so strongly through each and every synth line.


These kind of tunes are the ones that can start a revolution in my humble and idealistic opinion, getting the boys poppin' and lockin' and showing the crowds what humans are capable of when there is a belief in the self, and the culture we are part of together. These are our roots, and the roots of much of what people claim to be trendy today, and here, the vocoders have no shame in reminding us of what was once a thriving worldwide Hip Hop scene, as the catchy melody reaches into your heart to wake you out of your sleep. 


Next up we find "Assimilated", which is something I have not heard before, and I am curious as to why? This perfect fusion of Detroit Techno Bass and pure, uncut Electro Funk is a very fresh style. Not relying on the faster Bass beats, this gem keeps it slower, and relies on a more classic approach to the 808, yet brings in this Model 500 type bassline; the real tough kind of Detroit bassline that has this almost cybernetic sound about it; warm but pingy, along with fresh vocoders with a richness that must come from an SVC 350 perhaps. My favorite tune so far! 


The next 2 cuts are simply extended and instrumental mixes, perfect for your DJ set, and sampling while in the mix which is the old school way of "mashing", done by hand and a great way to pump up the crowd as they hear previous parts sneaking back in....they love that stuff! And you will love this record and new sub-label of the Electro Empire label group headed by the gatekeeper of awesome Electro music: the mysterious and dedicated Matthias Weise of Dominance Electricity. Buy it now and support! You won't regret it!





Reviewed By: Santino Fernandez

December 2016