dynArec - In Your Hand

Technorama Records proudly presents the second Electro release from its already impressive catalog. A break in the long list of Techno releases from the French label, "In Your Hand" appears in the right prolongation of "We Are Detroit, The Rogue" by Keith Tucker and Blaktony published last year on the Parisian imprint run by DJ Jee & Céline.


On command of this brand-new and we must reckon exciting E.P., French established artist dynArec, author of a vertiginous and essential discography on structures such as Electrix, Puzzlebox Records, Solar One Music, Delsin, or his own Vaporwave.


Released on the "Lagomorph EP" (Vaporware 04) back in 2007, "In Your Hand", one of dynArec's numerous classics, sees a remastered treatment. Opening the A side of the 12", this mayhem offers a unique journey into the Detroit Electro genre: Kraftwerkian beats supported by Drexcyian synth layers characterize this anthem completed by female vocals scanding "I Do Not Understand What You've Got In Your Hands".


Nostalgic, moody and intricate at the same, the original song comes with a dynArec remake in a more punchy and dancefloor direction, serving up a new melodic theme over bubbling wave modulations and subtle 303 lines. Top notch!


On the flipside, remixes continue with the deep version of The Exaltics (Solar One Music, Shipwrec). The German don revisits the original into a killer jam based upon emotive layers, nasty drums, and a groovy bassline. Superb, haunting and craftily produced!


Last but not the least, Voiski (Fossil Archive, Russian Torrent Versions, Delsin) closes up the 12" with a more aerial approach, delivering dystopian melodies to elevate the listener higher in the sky. Smooth, heading and eerie.


These awesome remixes are in service of a great track from a genius artist. Not surprising to see the 12" as one of the best sellers in many record stores. Must have!







Reviewed by: Chris Nexus 6

December 2016