Dez Williams - VANTA SERIES

Just before the launch of its new imprint "Boidae", inaugurated by French talent Umwelt in October, Berlin label Killekill also introduced another subdivision of its trademark: a platform for different limited 12" series focused on club sounds with their own concept and aesthetic.


On command of the first outstanding outing of the "VANTA SERIES", prolific Dez Williams, author of an exceptional 2016 year with not only successful releases on Shipwrec, Bedouin Records, New Flesh Records, and Bass Agenda Recordings to name a few, but also incredible live acts in Berlin (Killekill 8th Anniversary - Boiler Room), Paris (Acid Avengers invite Shipwrec) and Amsterdam (Whip It party) these last three months.


A side opener "Acidbanger", hits hard with a raw yet mental acid line enhanced by unstoppable 303 loops and metallic tones over percussive beats. Completed with some intricate vocals in the background, this future Techno classic sounds no doubt like Dez's very best cuts in his already refined discography. Top notch!!


Straight to the dancefloor "Hornet Tea" on the flipside sees the Welsh don delivering another serious banger based upon a relentless rhythm and some heavy TB modulations. Here is a mind blowing piece of Electronic Music that offers a perfect alternative to the previous jam. Ace!


Last but not the least, dark "Offonone" closes the 12" with an insane Electro-Techno cut where melodic scary synth layers fuse into mighty filtered distortions, while discrete 808 drums lead you to an orchestrated chaos.


The VANTA SERIES comes illustrated with "The End Is Near", a four part 12″ series packing small posters that put together, form the distinctive artwork piece "Les anges de l'apocalypse" by Belgian artist Elzo Durt. A must have!





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

November 2016