DJ Debbie D. - SuperTweak Re Tweak

Let's figure for a second that the avengers of Electro Bass and Breaks gathered together on a mission to remix Debbie D's classic debut hit "Super Tweak"! This is what this digital pack is all about. Featuring the creme de la creme of the US remixers; mainly coming from Florida, this brand new release on legendary Genuine DJ Debbie D Records offers no less than eight reworks ranging from Electro to Breaks and more.


For those who didn't know, representing the Florida Breaks movement, DJ Debbie D. has paved the way for many of the current female DJs. Collecting vinyl since 1975, she has played along with big names of the Electronic Music scene including The Chemical Brothers, Paul Oakenfold, Paul van Dyk, The Prodigy, Altern 8, Dream Frequency, Lady Keir (from DeeLite), Danny Tenaglia, Carl Cox, Grooverider, or DJ Icey just to name a few. She has also ran two other very successful labels, Juice Recordings with Wes Smith, and her very own D-Style Records, and is probably one of the DJs with much more longevity after more than 25 years in the music business.


The present compilation opens with Debbie's original cut, a combination of oldschoolish Electro rhythms and samples from back in the day, over a bubbling acid line. Dope! In remix duty, Kwest, BG and Fuzz (Dog Eat Dog Records) are the first to engage hostilities with a solid Breaks song based upon a progressive, yet heading 303 reminding one of Josh Wink's "Higher State Of Consciousness".


James Wolfe (Supreme Ja Music) coming next, serves up a serious Electro Bass "809 Re-Tweak Remix" where the Frajile Recordings mastermind injects deep modulations over a raw vocoder. F.B.I Recordings owner Santino Fernandez aka Morphogenetic (Twilight 76, New Flesh Records) on the other hand revisits the track with a more melodic and nostalgic approach, to bring us closer to the sound of his alter ego Ascension Électronique.


Under their aggressive moniker Synthetik Bass Squadron, Solartron and Somatic (Renegade Alien Records) sign a powerful Breakbeat remix full of classic samples, while Computron (OnDaMike Productions) offers with its "Bait Mix" an unstoppable Electrocore alternative made of Industrial and dark sororities a la Dynamix II.


After a smooth introduction, Wizdum (Coral Castle) goes on with an emotional yet funky version before Inhuman Designed makes a remarkable appearance with his "Return Of The Past" remix, delivering probably the best song of the digital pack thanks to a gloomy atmosphere, plus heavy 808 drums and very loud bass. Lastly, if Stroud reuses the main theme of the original cut, then this veteran East Coast talent punctuates the compilation on a frantic rhythm a la SL2. Ravey style!


Reflecting the freshness and diversity of the Electro Breaks scene made in the U.S.A., "Supertweak Re Tweak" combines with craft music from the past, to a modern sound. Highly recommended!







Written by: Chris Nexus 6

November 2015