Dark Prophet - Teleportation Non Stop

Hailing from Liege, Dark Prophet made his first appearance on the electronic scene in 2012 with his debut EP "LHC disorder", followed by a complete album, "Spaceship One", a few months later on Battery Park Studio.


This year, the Belgium synthesizer player makes a remarkable follow up to his first LP, on Croatian prime label Crobot Muzik run by N-Ter and Dj Xed.


With brilliant "Teleportation Non Stop", real name Gaetan Krausch-lacroix offers an epic full-length opus composed of nine fresh Electro Funk beauties.


In overture, "Proxima B" brings us back into time, to the end of the 80's. A mash up of bubbling synth lines, retro drum machines and electronic signals, the tune sways between US and German influences, giving the tone of a CD tinted with old schoolish sororities.


From the dancefloor rhythm of "Bionic Device", one of my favorites, to the retro vibes of "Beat Bang", passing through the melancholic yet bubbling synths of closing track "Quantic Interpolation" and everything in between, Gaëtan's sound is nothing but pure vintage emotions and decomposing of standard Electro Funk. A step into the roots, a mind focused into the future, here's what to expect from this must have tribute to the past that could have easily been published on Dominance Electricity.


Grade A to "Teleportation Non Stop", or "Orbital Relay In Distress" or "Jupiter", some of many successful cuts inspired by the feelings of Detroit.


Fresh as the early days of Techno Bass, and brilliantly illustrated by graphic designer Cory Hernandez.





Reviewed by: Chris Nexus 6

August 2017