V/A | Dalekovod V.5 - We Are The Crobots

Some of the planet's greatest contemporary Electronic musicians unite to celebrate the return to music production of Crobot Muzik! After too long of a hiatus, the 1st Croatian Electro label founded by DJ Xed and N-ter in 2007, introduces its fifth release to date; by far the biggest, most astonishing ultimate compilation.


A massive collection of underground Electro cuts, breathtaking "Dalekovod V5" (which means power lines and electric charge that flows through our system), introduces no less than 46 artists including heavyweight producers in an Armageddon of bass, drums and synths. We won't review each track one by one here but the opus embraces in an exhaustive way the whole spectrum of Electro styles, offering an amazingly epic yet comprehensive guide to what our music sounds like in 2016. Covering a musical genre born in the 70's, this much anticipated new installment is witness to the vitality and creativity of the artists involved in the project.


Characterized by subsonic tones, intricate structures and complex experiments, the opus features contributions from the like of Mas 2008, The Advent, Aux 88, ADJ, Amper Clap, SIAK, Jimi The Genius along with new comers Inovolts, Greystates, Errorbeauty or Drox just to name but a few. Grade A to "D.E.N", "Do What You Critisize", "Thee Lords Of Technobeat", "Electro Mafia", or "This Can Only End In Tears", some of the compilation highlights and they are too many to be listed here!


Ranging from Electro to Ambient passing through Experimental and Electronica, this eclectic yet homogeneous selection of cuts that compliment each other brilliantly, combines the very best of the Electro sound. Take note: artwork was done by Cory "Proliferation" Hernandez aka Inhuman Designed. Rush on this essential release! Available from the label's Bandcamp page.





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

June 2016