Dagobert vs MasterArp - Startopology

Last time we heard a Dagobert track was in 2015, on the still fresh Electro Avenue Records compilation, with the track "Time". Now the German wizard returns in full effect with a complete album, his fourth to date on German prime Electro label Dominance Electricity after "Harzein" in 1997, "Ready To Rock" in 2000 and cult classic "Sonic Sound Of Bass" in 2003.


Thirteen years have passed since his last opus but the man who goes also by the name of Dagonaut demonstrates that although his music has changed, inspired by the recent emergence of artists such like Blastromen, Dagobert Howe has kept roots from the past and early days of e-funk.


Present "Startopology" sounds like an ode to a melodic and spacey Electro tune surrounded by a dystopian Sci-Fi atmosphere, showcasing the mutation of its creator into MasterArp; a brand new musical project at the crossroads between multiple syncopated sub-genres. A refined compilation of dancefloor cuts written between 2011 and nowadays, the opus offers a memorable journey into the depths of the Galaxy.


Following a brilliant cosmic overture ("The Dark Wizard"), "Megatron 3000" instantly propels the listener to planet Cybotron, bringing the ingredients that have earned Dagobert the respect of his peers: intelligent construction, enhanced by a solid groove and some much anticipated elements between Electro and Breaks.


Robotic "The Restless Invader" will instantly remind one of the Blastromen universe with its Egyptian melodies and irresistible synth flights. Killer "Mein Kosmos feat. Tray" coming next delivers a tense B-boy inspired anthem fuelled with energy, perfect to start a battle on the dancefloor.


After a short "Lost Transmission" interlude, the album alternates between distorted tracks a la Daft Punk ("Deep In Love", "Nighthawk", "Booster"), fresh Breaks slaughters ("The Dagonaut", "Unknown Traveler feat. Kalson"), and an analogue beast ("Across The Star"), fusing punchy drums and old school samples to crafty tempo changes guaranteed to put you in a circle.


Fantastic "Two Hearts Dancing", my favorite, advertises the end of the album with a deep and emotional beauty made of incredible synth arpeggios interspersed with catchy vocoders.


Last but not the least, dark "Requiem Quo Ante Bellum" slows down the rhythms to offer to a final apotheosis thanks to the use of a masterful synth orchestration!


From A to Z, this album reviews numerous styles breathing a bit of fresh air to Electro due to its nasty melodies and original song construction. An accomplished opus and another winner from the Dominance Electricity label. Essential!





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

July 2016