Cybereign - Dangerous Mind

Cybereign is back once again, and this time with a really seriously devastating collection of Techno Bass jams that show in perfect example what the sound of Detroit's international infuence sounds like in 2017. A name making waves in the scene already after a few hits on compilations like Elektrodos The Compilation Vol. 2, Urban Connections (parts 3 & 4), as well as Dalekovod Vol. 5, not to mention his own EP's on Czech label Tropical Underground, Cybereign is an artist with a strong sound dedicated to make you move with passion and that aggressive attitude of Detroit's Electro Bass flavor. 


Back this time with "Dangerous Mind" on German label Battery Park Studio, the release features Cybereign's original version of the title track, as well as remixes by N-ter, Nessbeth, Techncontrol, Dez Williams, and Coherer, who all deliver a blinding digital pack of carefully tuned dancefloort killers aimed at honoring the Detroit version of Techno Bass music.  


Starting things off, Cybereign's original mix is a classic Techno Bass jam, furious from the get go with a bassline that will chew you up and spit you out without asking questions. The synths calm things down a bit by adding intrigue to the mix, gleaming, and with a kind of depth that is a bit like staring out into space from a telescope. The vocals are menacing and sinister, and the beats are classic 808s tuned to just the right degree. Great stuff!


Next up we find Nessbeth's remix, which is a similar take on things, morphing the bassline into a slightly bubblier version of the original. The drums get a bit more aggressive here, and overall the song has this aesthetic to it that makes it a bit Acid oriented in my opinion. The drums offer a bit more complexity in this version, adding cool sequencing that reminds me of many of the great Breaks classics that I am recconnecting with lately. Nicely done!


Moving on, we find Techcontrol's version. This one is a bit more mystifying, focusing on the soulful aspect that can be extracted from the original version. Mystery abounds here folks, as the synthwork takes over to add melancholy and profoundness to the whole concept. While this version is still dancefloor friendly, and definitely lives up to the challenge of heavy tunes, this one just oozes with classic synthwork that digs deep into your soul to find the real you that lies beneath. Beautiful!


Dez William gets the torch handed to him as he proceeds to take things to the next level with pounding kicks, and the bassline reformed into a gritty, tightly sequenced beauty that rides along with congas and the original synthline that adds the overall mystique that Cybereign's original carries. Very rhythmic tune! Love it.


Coherer brings in the heat with a fierce rendition, changing things up a bit as he reworks the melodies into classic Techno vibes. This one has Detroit written all over it, reminding me of Twilight 76 a bit, particularly MAS 2008. The beats stay tough, and the vocals remain unchanged here. Great mix overall!


Last but not least, the man with the master plan, N-ter, delivers a furious remix that pushes the limits with a growling sawtooth bassline, and his own take on the vocals, which get a bit Industrial here. Classic Techno Bass beats stomp forward as the melodies get reworked into futuristic sounding sequences that give this one a very unique character. N-ter never fails, and this one is one of his best!


Awesome record, very well remixed by all the artists involved. Not all the remixes are too different from the original, so you may not find yourself playing this back to back too much for listening purposes. However, this collection is a handy tool for your next DJ set which will benefit from all these great jams in some shape, way or form. They will have the crowd going wild from start to finish guaranteed! Highly recommended digital pack! Support below, and grab a copy. 





Reviewed by: Santino Fernandez

March 2017