V/A - Cyber_Tex EP

Brand new T.R.U. (Texas Recordings Underground) run by Dallas DJ and producer Gavin Guthrie aka TxConnect, proudly presents its inaugural release and we must admit that for a debut, the first installment is a master stroke!


With the aim to promote local artists ranging from House to Techno, passing through the Electro scene, the promising label introduces here "Cyber_Tex", a five tracker of high caliber from a plethora of pure talents. 


In overture of the A side, Biosoft Records don Philip Washington aka Cygnus (Icasea, Central Processing Unit) signs with emotive "Make The Brain Relax", a deep and soulful cut with serious Detroit Influences. Besides giving you goosebumps, the jam offers lazy melodies over lovely lyrics featuring Monica Lockett, repeating "I Like The Sound Of The Track, Push My Buttons And My Brain Reacts". Ace! Cygnus is an artist I recently discovered. It seems like he's in the electronic business since a long time and I can't believe I missed this pure genius with unlimited talent. He's no doubt gained a new fan with me!


Expected soon on German Solar One Music imprint, neighbor Gerard Hanson aka E.R.P, comes next with "Tandy Center", another milestone of a groovy cut characterized by chilling synth flights, funky arpeggios and a little "je ne sais quoi" that makes the difference. If you are into smooth Electro with a classy attitude, this beauty is for you! 


On the reverse, the computer game atmospherics of Vectorvision's "Beta Cloud" meet the needle before bleepy tones, Kraftwerkian influences and C64 touches take hold. Top notch!


With dark "Gorgon", one of my favs, from refreshing Textasy, we're back into moody Electro: spiking snares, loud bass and gloomy waves orbit you into the depths of the stratosphere, while subtle acidic loops warm up your spacesuit. 


Finally, Cygnus returns this time with the voice of Dolly Vicious to conclude the 12" on a Housey note thanks to sumptuous "1.9.9.X. - Pink Lipstick". Heading and catchy at the same time.


This essential EP is brilliant from A to Z, rush on it with eyes shut but ears opened! If you thought Texas was only reserved to farmers and industrial petrochemicals, you got it wrong! You'll find also Electronic activists who mastered their subject!







Written by: Chris Nexus 6

May 2016