The Resonance Committee - Curvepusher Sessions Vol. 1

Here’s an electro alliance that will make some noise! For its 22th release, London based Cultivated Electronics ran by Sync 24, welcomes "The Resonance Committee"; the association of UK talents Keith “Radioactive Man” Tenniswood, Phil “Bass Junkie” Klein, Simon “The Dexorcist” Brown and Matt Whitehead.


Considered by many as Electro pioneers, most of these legends, if not all, have slowly but firmly built up the UK Electro style, with sometimes solid ramifications with the Miami Electro Bass sound.


Yet, “Curvepusher Sessions Vol. 1”; hopefully the first of a long series, introduces a brand new and unexpected musical style from the quartet. A mash up of different visions and expertise based upon 303 lines.


A side opens with “We Are Visionary”, and sums up in a sentence ("Created and mutated for those who know, who feel the flow of electricity in their veins, their brains. We remain unchained!") what deeply is The Resonance Committee: a band of heavy producers with a foot into the future and the other in the roots. Funky acid lines fused into sharp 808 drums over delayed vocals a la Egyptian Lover characterize this instant classic. Tune!!!!


The track comes with an instrumental and reworked version titled “Bonus Vision”. No lyrics there but a focus on rhythm and modulations to turn the track into a devastating DJ tool.


On the flipside, “Change” signs a robotic anthem made of pounding beats, crispy claps, vintage synth flights and nice vocals. A 303 laying in the background progressively makes its way through the track to offer an irresistible final, bringing the listener closer to Model Citizens’ “Drive” on Fdb Recordings in 2014.


Last but not the least, “Sound Bites” concludes the EP with raw analogue and acid tones, while nostalgic touches complete the song.


Offensive and dancefloor friendly at the same time, "Curvepusher Sessions Vol. 1" signs an essential release on Cultivated Electronics. Expect some more members to join this ever fluctuating collective for the next chapters. Ace!





Reviewed by: Chris Nexus 6

October 2017