Dynamik Bass System - Computer Brain

Dynamik Bass System returns on their imprint Robot Machine Records, with "Computer Brain". A 2-track digital release featuring everything we have come to expect from this amazing duo....classy, forward-thinking Electro Funk, full of emotive synths, and rich vocoder action. Going back to the roots full strength here, DBS takes us back to the beginnings of our music before evolving into the Techno Bass sound, with slower BPMs and funky grooves that get you moving from the get go.


"Please Don't Call Me Up" starts the record with rich 808's, as the bassline lays the groundwork with warmth. The vintage synths you'll find here are lush and full of sentiment, met by melodic vocoders that switch back and forth between pitches with style. Very retro tune, but very clean sounding, and nostalgic in its nature. Well done! 


Next up, we get into what sounds like a similar tune, but this one is a bit more chilled out. The synths that come in from the beginning are very soothing, and melt right through you. Soon we find funky guitar work with a bit of wah effect added to it, as the vocoders enter with majesty. Beautiful work, and great lyrics, and the melodic work is just great on this one, so melancholic. This may be even more retro than the last, but it will take you back in time with absolute class!


Dynamik Bass System are great in that they not only push the Electro Funk sound forward, at times getting into the more futuristic Techno Bass styles; especially if you have caught T. Werner's work as "Heliopause", but they also keep the rich sound of the beginnings of Electro Funk music alive in a way that only they can do. It's not just about their collection of vintage gear, but also the skill put behind it, and the passion for soulful, innovative yet nostalgic music. Get this now, you will love it!




Written by: Santino Fernandez

March 2016