Cloak and Dagger - Darkfall

Frajile Recordings has been on an upswing lately, putting behind a hiatus that had left many of its followers wondering if perhaps one of their favorite imprints were no more. Thankfully not the case, the label is seeing a great comeback as it gets cozy in its digital environment, bringing us thus far a flurry of great titles not just by mastermind James Wolfe, but also The Korrupted Brothers, and now a special collaboration between one of the members from iconic Miami group "Ghostlight" (Cloak), as well as MC Dagger; here presented as "Cloak and Dagger" with "Darkfall". This is actually just a single folks, and while it may almost seem tough to think about how to review a single track, this one more than inspires a few thoughts to talk about. 


To start off, "Darkfall" introduces mischevious machine-like sequences, while the beats warm up a little and are bathed in mysterious male and female vocals that add a bit of intrigue as the bass synths obscure the sunlight before us. The beats from here gallop on like robotic horses as the slightly distorted bass kicks leave impact craters in its path, reminiscent of recent works by artists like InHuman Designed, and Ghostlight itself from where these 2 fantastic producers come from. 


Halfway through, this song takes an unexpected turn as it blinds us with gleaming hyperwaves as things get into overdrive with menacing vocoders by MC Dagger, and uncanny cybernetic step sequences that give it a lot of groove here. The fun doesn't stop as Cloak and Dagger push the limits ever determined, slicing and dicing the veils of reality with suspenseful pads that come together with a skillfully crafted blend of arps, syncopations, and classical strings that take you down the rabbit hole in ways you simply would not be ready for. A marvelous tune, and one that will leave you wanting to hit the repeat button over and over again. Very well composed, produced with class, and slightly cruel in that we are left wondering what will come next from these guys if ever. Hopefully this is the beginning of an illustrious career for a duo that shows an incredible amount of promise. Buy now, you won't regret it!







Written by: Santino Fernandez

September 2015