Caron - Connected Circuits

Following its inaugural release and still mighty "Universe" compilation, Russian label Mosaique founded by Moralez and Murzin proudly presents its second output in the form of an EP from the likes of Caron. The mysterious producer signs here his debut on the electronic scene with two tracks ranging from Electro to Techno styles.


In overture of the A side, 4/4 "Liquid" Introduces a no-nonsense drama made of subversive sounds thanks to the use of industrial drums, slithering bass and dark synth modulations.


The original sees a remix treatment by Mosaique head honcho Moralez under his Kind Human Being (New Flesh Records) moniker in a more syncopated version, to bring closer to some of The Exaltics' works. Gloomy melodies combine to intricate pads and eerie sororities to progressively build a too short yet trippy song. Top notch!


On the flipside, Caron returns with "Industrialism", another milestone of a track based upon a bubbling line fueled with a discrete 303, crystal clear synth notes, percussive drums, metallic hits and a dancefloor rhythm. Here comes a track with moody and warm vibes to make your body jerk.


Koehler (Berceuse Heroique, Skudge White) revisits the jam to offer a haunting "Six Sided Storm mix" version full of depth, ambient strings, crispy beats and disturbing distortions. The spooky track never really starts and this is what it makes its power.


Caron's "Connected Circuits" appears as a refinde addition to the fresh Mosaique catalog, and is an absolute must have!





Reviewed by: Chris Nexus 6

January 2017