Carlos Native - Odyssey

Carlos Native keeps on the onslaught of dark, heavy Sci-Fi epics, this time offering us the single "Odyssey". Hot on the heels of his incredible works found on his B.I.O.N.E.T. album, the solo project of half member of the iconic Tainted Cell duo Carlos Native just keeps on getting more and more intriguing.


What we have here is not just something on the level of Anthony Rother, and the innovation his music brought us back in the late '90s and early '00s, but something in many ways even bigger. Carlos Native's music is cinematic, as much as it is pure Sci-Fi Electro music. It is driven by a keen sense of what lies within the darkness of our world, while keeping an eye on a horizon that seems to lie somewhere beyond the contraints of what we see and feel in these current times. Like a failing hope that does not want to give up.


With Odyssey, we embark on a journey through space, as we are met by an astonishing analog opus composed of persistent sequencing, laser Electro beats, and ruthless sound effects that sweep and thunder without mercy across the soundscapes. The strings in this song are very lush, and haunting in such a way that we feel compelled to hang on for dear life as the 303's lead us into warp drive. Nothing can prepare you for this one, but you will feel captivated every step of the way. Very dramatic, and with a bit of attitude for the dancefloor. 


So far it has been a great thing seeing Carlos Native unleash his genius upon the masses. Its the kind of passionate, fresh, yet familiar sound that revitalizes our love for the music, and our intrigue for the world around us. Stay tuned as much more is coming our way. Don't forget to also check out Carlos' recent EBM inspired release called "Ritual Of The Flesh". Support the Underground!





Written by: Santino Fernandez

May 2016