Carlos Native | Exploration

Carlos Native, the elegant Spanish composer of majestic Sci-Fi dance music returns with his 2nd album to date: "Exploration". 10 brand new songs full of rich synthwork, and spellbinding programming that will remind you of many of your favorite soundtracks to the great futuristic movies of yesteryear. An intelligent sound from a brilliant musical mind!


If you haven't checked out his music yet, you are in for a serious treat...for mature audiences only however! Think somewhere in between Anthony Rother, and Boris Divider's work with "Aeon". Forward-thinking music with an inclination towards the vintage sounds of early Electro music, balanced out well with the proper dose of funk and emotive elements to make you think and feel a little deeper.  


Starting off this digital exploration of sound, we are met by "Aurora". A fascinating joyride through the kind of soundscapes that brought us the magical world of '80s Sci-Fi movies. Mystifying, classic sounding stuff, somehow raw, yet refined analog sequencing with just the right amount of filter sweeping, surrounded by rich strings that layered become quite orchestral and beautiful. Top notch!!!


Next is "From Outside", and from here things begin to get rather gloomy and mysterious; like the point where your ship gets further away from home than you are comfortable with in this desolate space. But there is no going back, and there is no telling what lies ahead. All you can do is let the menacing sawtooth bass tones growl in your face, while the creepy programming helps intensify the experience in a classic Sci-Fi movie score style that Carlos Native seems to really thrive in. 


"Interconnection" coming up, brings in slower tempos and modulating sequences that add intrigue to the mix. The drums in this tune sparkle like a diamond out of the rough, dynamic and balanced. Lovely stuff, specially when the strings come in, subtle in the background, but driving the melodies like a determined orchestra conductor. 


If you are a fan of Acid music, then "Night Creatures", a magnificent throwback to Acid House and Techno, dives you deep into an alluring space that feels a bit like swimming in an alien ocean with foreign organisms not familiar to the human mind. The rolling bass here is carried on the back of still slower tempos, somewhere around 110 bpms, as sinister pads generate a cold shiver down your back. Beware! 


"Biosphere", a beautiful tune with an atmospheric intro to make you lose your mind, joins its counterparts to complete this absolute masterpiece of an album displaying hints of Tangerine Dream, but with a touch of Electro Funk to add attitude and rhythm for the dancefloor or even a cruise down the Autobahn. The balance of melodies here, between the intelligent, soulful sequencing, and captivating melancholic synths really pull you into a complex world where everything sits in its own space. 


Up next, we find "Radium", a frantic tune that begins to pump up the energy with clever Electro Bass beats as chopped vocal samples introduce this ferocious song with a sinister overtone. The filters slowly open up to blend in a relentless arpeggio that adds groove to the mix, as aggressive stabs create such an intense and suspenseful vibe. This tune is pure evil folks, beware!!!


As we move along, "Telekinetic" will really show you the infuence that Anthony Rother and artists alike have had on Carlos Native's vision for his music. This dark and uncanny song mesmerizes with a broad space layered with mysterious voices, tight sequencing, and stabs similar to the previous, punishing and merciless in their determination to cut through the sonic spectrum. The bass tones in this one are my favorite part of the song; the melody alone sends shivers down your spine. Warm from their analog magic, yet somehow cold and intriguing.


"Cosmic Cosnciousness" coming in, injects though-provoking energies into the album, this one a bit more gentle somehow, even though like many of the previous, it is driven by harsh bass melodies adding a bit of grit and hostility. I absolutely love this one!


As we begin to get to the end of the album, we are left with "Monuments", a wicked tune enveloped in mysterious gloomy synths, as deranged vocals reverberate and echo insidiously in the background, while lazer Electro beats gallop in the background like dark headless horses.


Last but not least of course, the title track "Exploration", dives the listener into a place full of captivating sequenced melodies, alluring and and gleaming with a bit of resonance. This one brings images to mind of a starship speeding away from a dying planet, barely escaping the destruction wreaked upon it. The strings here are as elegant as you could expect, punctuated by commanding voices that speak suspensefully into your mind. Wonderful end to an equally wonderful album.


Carlos Native is a composer and producer driven by profound forces, and a vision to push our music in a rather sophisticated manner that tells many stories in a very cinematic way. You owe it to yourself not just to get this album, but his entire discography, available at a discount as a bundle through the artist's Bandcamp page, adding to your collection high quality tunes that will challenge your perception time and time again. Support!





Reviewed by: Santino Fernandez

October 2017