Carlos Native - B.I.O.N.E.T.

If you have been keeping up with the incredible works from Spanish duo Tainted Cell, made up of Carlos Native and Helga Lima, then you are probably well aquainted with the kind of musical genius that these two are capable of. Brooding, mysterious, atmospheric, and consciously aware of the illusions of reality in a fairly dramatic way; reminiscent of the works of Anthony Rother, yet sitting in their own cold, desolate space where the two seem to thrive best. This time around, half member Carlos Native branches off to create his own self-entitled solo project, introducing us to the majestic  "B.I.O.N.E.T." album. 9 songs, released on a carefully packaged limited CD, full of deep, rich ingenuity. This is not for the faint of heart, this music is deeply musical, filling a wide spectrum of sonic space with cleanly reverberated instrumentation, hypnotic sequencing, and majestic strings that cut right through you with tenacity.


The first song we find, "Viral", is a ferocious animal, filling the gaps with deranged sequences, and modulated sweeps that cut through the mix with agression. The strings offered here create an aura of suspense as the energies of Tainted Cell's member Carlos Native begin to contaminate your senses. Coming next we find "Nova", with slower tempos a bit like Hip Hop Bee Bop, but getting into a beautiful and complex arrangement of arp-like sequences soaked in delay effects, as alluring pads shine through with such majesty. What a song! These should have been the soundtrack to movies like The Matrix, and create that kind of cinematic imagery in your mind as you listen to them. Let's continue.


The works found on "Resonance" begin to step it up a bit, and gets into a similar sound like some of Scape One's music. Determined, and radiant, full of melancholy as if weeping for a lost world. "Cyber Attack" gets back and decides on the next wave of viral binary attacks on the corrupt system that controls us, bleeding through the edges with razor-like drones and sweeps as the elegance of Carlos' string work makes its way back in. It can't be said enough how captivating and intriguing the melodies that he creates can really be.


A brave new world seems to rise back out the ashes as "Tainted Memory", all we have left of the once desolate world we knew, inspires us with an intelligent and brooding composition that gives goosebumps to your skin as you are filled with a gleam of hope. The sawtooth bassline here, and the way it surfaces from the depths of its core, met by the enigmatic melodic arrrangement  as drones bend into non existence is very unique. My favorite song so far! 


"Green Fire Ball" slows things back down as we contemplate our existence and where we must go from here. Evolution and revolution can be one in the same, but only if we deconstruct our sense of reality and how we must achieve a higher order of being. Here, we are guided forward with such majesty, as the punishing basstones cut through us without mercy. The pads and strings all come together and take us back to the old school, days of rebirth which once planted the seed for what we knew one day we must become, yet propelling us forward and away from this dark age and into the future. 


Next up, we find the deranged fury of "Can You Feel The Bass", a frantic dancefloor jam that gets you up and moving to the bottom heavy 808 beats, while the hypnotic and suspenseful atmospheres of the title song "B.I.O.N.,E.T." enrich our surroundings with menacing bass tones, and bewildering strings that remind me of the Terminator soundtrack. Apocalyptic, yet with a sense of dying hope expressed in a deeply soulful way, as if unwilling to let go.


Lastly, "Beyond Earth" culminates this grand opus in a playful, mystifying manner as the slower tempo Hip Hop Electro beats are met by saturated sequences that dare us to go deep into the immersing world of Carlos Native's imagination. Very unique track, perhaps the most out of all of them.


Get this limited CD now if you are looking for brooding, intelligent, and visionary music that challenges us to explore the deeper realms within us in a way that forces us to stare in the face of our great strengths, but also our biggest weaknesses. This music is for the serious listeners, the old schoolers, and the forward thinkers! You will love this record from beginning to end.






Written by: Santino Fernandez

March 2016