Carl Finlow - Electricology EP

When speaking about Electrix, the name of versatile Carl Finlow (Warp, Trope, Klang, Soma, SCSI, Satamile) is never too far! The Electro veteran aka Random Factor, Black Labs, Voice Stealer, Silicon Scally or Scarletron has been an important actor in the success of Billy Nasty's label, having committed since the inception of the London imprint in 2000, two luminous EP's, "Boot Loop" and "Format Wars"; respectively in 2013 and in 2003. Today the U.K. artist returns with its third contribution and another four tracker of high caliber.


A-side of the "Electricology EP" kicks of with soulful "Lateral Thoughts", an orchestral slaughter that fits with the perfect dancefloor equation: "syncopated rhythm + catchy synth flights and cutting edge tones".


On the following "Hyperloop" tune, the squelching filter on the snare and melodic flange in the background combine to deliver a groovy mixture, while typical Sci-Fi pads and chords add a little touch of humanity to the whole track.


The B-side sounds more cerebral, thanks to "Suspect Reanimation", a sonic assault characterized with glitch and urban tonalities over well cadenced 808 drums. Sharp staccatos and clinical waves surface, evoking the insecure crossing of a futuristic city in the heat of the night.


Final song "Latext" closes the 12" on a darker atmosphere, merging up oldschoolish beats to crystalline distortions.


As often when it comes to Carl Finlow, the quality of the sound design and rhythmic programming is impossible to ignore. This EP makes no exception and offers on the digital version a bonus cut, "Atomic Level", a powerful song that would have deserved a vinyl appearance as well, alternating between sentimental pads and retro-game sororities.


Highly recommended!




Written by: Chris Nexus 6

April 2016